The Gay Cowboy Ex-Jehovah's
Witness Book

Cowboys, Armageddon, and The Truth: How a Gay Child
Was Saved from Religion
by ex-Jehovah’s Witness Scott Terry,
was released by Lethe Press on October 6, 2012.  It can be ordered
through any independent bookstore, through,, Barnes&, and elsewhere.

Recent Reviews:

A lively, affectionate autobiography with messages of inspiration and
acceptance. - Kirkus Review

Scott Terry’s stirring memoir about a boy growing up in the American
West illustrates the maiming pain that families can inflict on their
members, especially the young and powerless, and the many ways
that orthodox religion can isolate and warp its believers. It’s also an
inspiring depiction of human endurance and the heart-healing balms
of generosity and kindness.

— Jeff Mann, author of Purgatory

Advocate Magazine named it one of Top 20 Must-Reads of

ominated for the Over The Rainbow Book List by the
American Library Association in 2012.

Named one of the best LGBT books for 2012 by Out In Print
and Band of Thebes

Out In Print Best of 2012

Band of Thebes Best of 2012

Finalist in Next Generation Indie Book Awards 2013

The book is available on Amazon

It can also be ordered online from Barnes&, Smashwords,, in addition to many others.  It is available in
Kindle and Nook format and can be purchased at any independent
bookstore that orders through Ingram.  
For international orders, it is available on many overseas retail sites,
and has been sold in India, UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa,
Italy, and other countries.  Just check your favorite website for book
sales in your country.

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I also write for the Huffington Post,
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Scott Terry's Huffington Post

A few years ago, I wrote for the
San Francisco Chronicle.  The
very first piece I wrote for them
was an excerpt from my yet-to-be
published memoir.  The
publication of that very first book
excerpt is what launched my
writing career.